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Are you seeking a fulfilling career working with children?

Are you wanting a fun and engaging environment with both children and colleagues?

Then S.E.E.D.S. Childcare is the place for you!

Join a team of dedicated, compassionate individuals.

At S.E.E.D.S Childcare we strongly believe that each individual, whether big or small, has something unique to offer to the world. This is why S.E.E.D.S Childcare has been a leader in quality care in Simcoe County for over 49 years.

Through this belief, educators in classrooms provide quality programming for children of all ages, that supports developmental, social, and welling-being needs. Creativity and compassion drive our educators to strive for excellence. 

Smiling Chef

Continuing the journey of learning. 

Information changes around us continuously. At S.E.E.D.S Childcare, we believe that each of us is a lifelong learner, deserving the right to further our knowledge and understanding as we grow. Opportunities for professional learning is provided both in house and from our community partner. 


Kindergarten Guide

Let your creativity shine. 

Food is at the center of each day, both at home and within childcare settings. We gather together to hold conversations, try new foods and to simply enjoy. 

By becoming a cook with S.E.E.D.S Childcare, you'll be joining a team of creative individuals who provide nutritious meals and snacks for the children. Alongside classroom educators, cooks have opportunities to share their knowledge of the culinary arts with the generation of tomorrow. 

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